The medical service in western countries is quite different than those in eastern nations. If an individual wants to have eyeglasses and contacts in America (aka 美国配眼镜), he/she can consult the family doctor first before going to the clinic/hospital. In China, consumers would go to the eyeglass retail store. College students with international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险) can get the free HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) at on-campus Student Health Center, whereas in China hospital is right place. Another example would be the travel insurance in the United States (aka 美国旅游保险). Americans used to purchase such insurance wherever they go.

The National Health Commission in China issued the Opinions on Promoting Clinic Development Pilot, stating that clinics “find a new friend”, contractual service of family doctors. The creation of “new friend” is aimed at alleviating Chinese doctors’ routine diagnose pressure so that patients can have basic treatment like the way of scheduling a dental visit in the United States (aka 美国看牙).

The Opinions encourages to include qualified clinics in the scope of health facilities that can provide contractual services from family doctors in the way of local governments healthcare service purchasing. These clinics can provide personalized contractual services to meet residents’ diverse and multi-level health needs.

A month later, ten departments jointly issued a document, giving time limits for this action. On June 12th, the Notice on Printing and Distributing Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable Healthy and Standardized Development of Private Capital Invested Facilities was issued, requiring all local governments to formulate measures for government purchasing healthcare services by the end of 2019.

Hearing the news that the government is going to purchase contractual service of family doctor from clinics, the co-founder of U-Plus Health, Sheng Bei, said in a pleasantly surprised tone, “We are really interested in the contractual service of family doctors.”

Community health service centers have always been one of the primary players in providing contractual service of family doctors. The person in charge of a public private capital invested community health service center in Beijing told CN-Healthcare that they have been providing this service for all nearby residents. He said that it is relatively easy for health facilities to apply for the permission of providing contractual service of family doctors, and the key requirements for the application is the presence of general practitioners. “Contractual service of family doctors generally requires a team of doctors and nurses, mainly general practitioners.” The payment by community health management center subordinate to district community health management center is 120 yuan per person per year.

Expectations are ideal, yet the reality is always cruel. The reason why Americans would rather see a family doctor than go to see the dentist is based upon their impeccable U.S. dental insurance (aka 美国牙医保险). Therefore, the Chinese government should consider enhancing the health insurance in China along the creation of family doctor.