After choosing the Laser hair removal method, you may find it confusing to see the different kinds of laser devices displayed on spa websites. Actually, one laser tool differs from another, so choosing mainly depends on your hair and skin type.

Types of machines

  • For dark skin

Laser is measured in metric, it indicates how the heat and rays get absorbed by the skin, pigment, hair and melanin. The tool designed for dark skin because the melanin absorption rate is weak. Its long wavelengths reach past epidermis to the melanin in follicles and destroys it.

The laser seeks concentrated melanin, so is not effective on white or fine hair. Due to its weak melanin absorption level more sessions are needed for great results.

  • For medium to fair skin type

Both long and short wavelengths are emitted from this kind of laser device. It claims to penetrate deeper inside the follicles and absorb good amount of melanin. Long wavelengths decrease skin damage risk. It is designed for those with medium to fair skin tone.

  • For extremely fair skin

Lasers with high melanin absorption rate are available specially designed for very fine hair removal as well as for those with extremely light skin. As the melanin absorption is high, the possibility of skin discoloration increases. Therefore, this tool needs to be used on only fair skin.

Now that you have decided to undergo épilation au laser vectus [to carry out laser hair removal] and scheduled an appointment. Nevertheless, you may be edgy about what to expect during the first session.

Preparation before the appointment

  • Shave and stay in shade is the ideal preparation.
  • Laser targets the hair pigment and not the hair, so you can shave.
  • Laser is designed to burn the surface hair it encounters on its way, so if you have a tan then it can be confusing.
  • So, ensure to stay in the shade until your appointment.

Expect patch test 24 hours in advance

A quick check on a tiny area is conducted to ensure that laser is fine for you. A setting that is customized to your hair and skin type is chosen. The therapist starts at low level and then increases gradually until they discover that good endpoint is achieved. This can take some minutes and ski will recover quickly with Aloe Vera touch.

During the appointment

Lasers bright lights can hurt one’s eyes, so special glasses will be given. Before firing the lasers, the therapist will apply a cold gel in the specific area. It helps to keep surrounding skin cool, while the heated rays do their task.

How you feel during the treatment?

You will feel like someone bouncing bristle hairbrush on your skin bit is definitely bearable. In less than half an hour the procedure gets completed and you may need 6 to 8 session to get all the hair zapped permanently.