Parents always plan to give their child the best of everything they can have. However, they forget to give importance to smaller things like the dentist’s visit. Many parents do not take their children to the dentist until they are two years or more, saying that they are too small for a check-up or don’t have enough teeth. However, does the dentist also thinks the same?

Here we are going to help you sort the problem and tell you the right age to take your child to see the dentist.

Every tooth is important

Parents often think that they should visit the dentist once their child grows the full set or enough of primary teeth, but that’s not right. Every tooth has its own importance and should be in place until they are lost naturally because –

  • They help in maintaining good nutrition since they allow proper chewing of food
  • Speech development
  • Saves space for permanent teeth

It is very important to know the right brushing and flossing techniques that your child’s teeth need and it varies for everyone. An early visit to the dentist will answer all these questions and help to maintain a lifelong oral health.

It is best to take your child for their dental check-up when the first primary tooth grows or after six months or one year after birth.

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Why a dental visit is important?

Oral health might be the primary reason for a dental visit but there are many more reasons to take your child to a dentist.

  • Protects teeth from dental decay

Early visit to the dentist helps in detection of oral diseases or decays and helps in cure as well as prevention of the same.

  • Ensure better development of teeth

In some cases, children start to grow haphazard teeth or two teeth at a single place. An early visit to the dentist can tackle these problems too and will give your child a healthy smile.

  • Build a comfort level

An early visit to the dentist can prevent the fear at later age of childhood and will ensure a good understanding of the child’s dental health by the dentist. For better oral health, dental check-up twice a year is recommended.